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Managing Your Account


You can manage your MyEZApp.com account from your dashboard.


To access your account, - Click on the Account Icon in the System Tab of the Dashboard. This will open the Account Screen. - Through the Account Screen, you can perform the following, - Reset Your Password�click the Reset Button to reset your password. - Point Details�click the Details Button to display a list of points that have been deducted or added to your account. - Refill Points�if you are out of points, you can select an amount to purchase and click the BuyNow Button to make a purchase through PayPal.


MyEzApp.com works on a usage basis. Each time one of your applications is run (either by yourself or by someone with whom you have shared the application), points will be deducted from your account. In essence, the burden of points is on the script owner. No points are deducted from your point balance for accessing a script, file, or application that has been shared with you!

When you run out of points, the system will stop running your applications or serving the files associated with them. The MyEzApp.com system currently charges 10 points for running a script and 1 point for downloading a static file. $1 buys 3,000 points.

Users can always check their point balance in their account. Usage information is accessible through the /usage folder in the file manager. This folder contains a log of all application, script, and file accesses that have caused point deductions. Each deduction has a detailed log line that includes: - URL that was accessed, - who access the URL, - what time they accessed it, - how many points have been deducted, etc.