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Custom Domain


MyEzApp.com can be used as the hosting service for your web site. You can map your own domain to a directory in your MyEzApp account. Any files/script saved in that directory will be mapped to the corresponding files under your domain.

For example, if you map the domain demo.example.com to the folder /mysite and you create the file /mysite/mypage.ws, this file can be accessed using the URL http://demo.example.com/mypage.ws. If you don't specify the file name, for example, the URL http://demo.example.com, will be resolved to /mysite/index.ws.

This tutorial is a step by step guide for mapping your custom domain to myezapp.com.


To map your domain to myezapp.com, you need to create a CNAME record for your custom domain and map it to {your_user_id}.myezapp.com, for example, demo1.myezapp.com if your user id is 'demo1'.

A CNAME record is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) that's stored by your DNS host. This setup step is needed because when a user types in a URL in the browser's address bar, the browser will first check DNS to translate the domain name to the real Internet address. By mapping your custom domain name to {your_user_id}.myezapp.com, you are telling the DNS system to translate your custom domain name to the Internet address that belongs to myezapp.com. In turn, the browser will contact myezapp.com to process requests for your custom domain.


In order for myezapp.com to correctly process content requests for your domain, you need to tell myezapp.com which content in your account should be served when request comes.

MyEzApp.com takes a simple approach. Your custom domain will be mapped to a specific folder in your account. All files under that folder will be mapped to the corresponding files under your custom domain. This mapping also applies to the sub folders.

To setup the mapping, please go to your account page and click the 'Hosts->Manage' button to navigate to the domain management page, as shown below:

The domain management page allows you to manage the domain/path mapping. You can add a new mappings, modify existing mappings or remove a mapping. To add a new mapping, simply click the Add Host button as shown below, you will see the popup window for adding a new mapping. On the popup window, you can specify the domain and path it maps to. By default, the folder you choose will be shared, so that other people can actually access the files you are sharing. If you are not ready to publish yet, simply uncheck the 'Share' checkbox.


Once you setup domain to myezapp.com mapping and the domain path mapping, you site is live. Anybody request content from your custom domain will be processed by the myezapp.com. The corresponding content in your shared folder will be served.