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Getting Started


Welcome to myezapp.com - the easiest and most powerful way on the web to build DIY web applications! Leveraging the powerful online application builder and Star Script programming language, myezapp.com is simple, powerful, and most of all fun!

Fasten your seatbelt, and get ready to make your software dreams a reality. As you learn about myezapp.com and the Star Script programming language, you will find some amazing things you can do with the myezapp service - things you could never do before! Use your imagination to build your own "dream web applications". We bet you will be surprised by your own creativity!


To start using the MyEzApp service you need to register for an account first. In order to register, you will need a valid email address.


Once you have registered and verified your myezapp.com account, you can install applications from our application marketplace. There are many applications you can choose from such as Ez Notes, and Call Me!. Pick the applications that you like, install and start using them right away. Applications in the application marketplace are currently free and come complete with the source code, enabling you to modify and tinker with them.


You probably won't find your dream application in the application marketplace but don't worry! That's exactly why we built the myezapp.com service which gives you the tools to build your own web applications. More importantly, myezapp runs applications 24x7 "in the cloud". So your friends can read your shared notes while you are sleeping; and your reminder application can send you a wake up call early. With the myezapp service, you don't need to worry about setting up a server to keep your software running. Just build it through the myezapp service and it will be up and running!

To learn more on the Application Builder, please read the Tutorial.


Sharing on myezapp is easy and powerful. You can share files and applications with other myezapp users (with their user id) or friends (with a valid email address).

We fully respect your privacy and because of that, nothing in your account is shared by default. You control exactly what's shared and with whom. To learn more on sharing, please read the Tutorial.


Resources are any files saved in your account. It can be a Star Script program, an HTML file, or any other files you upload.

How are resources organized?

On the myezapp.com your files and programs are organized in a tree structure, similar to the files and folders structure often seen on the desktop computer.

The tree structure is directly mapped to the myezapp.com URLs. Entering the URL in your browser's address bar will trigger the execution of the resource. If the resource is a Star Script program, the program will run and the result will be displayed in your browser. If the resource is of any other types, the file will be downloaded.

As a simple example, let's assume the user 'user1' creates a script with the name 'test.ws' under the folder 'myfolder'. To run the script, the user would just need to enter the URL below into their browser's address bar:


Other resources such as html, js, css, images can be accessed in a similar fashion.

File Manager

The myezapp File manager is accessed through the the Files icon on your myezapp home page. It allows you to browse your files and edit your programs, similar to the file explorer you may find on your desktop computer. Please see the Tutorial for detailed instruction on using the file manager.