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Create Landing Page


With MyEzApp, creating a landing page is quick and easy. You can build a landing page in minutes, use your own custom domain, with complete source code readily available for customization and enhancement.

You don't have to be a designer. We have multiple templates and styles for you to choose from.

You don't have to be a system admin. MyEzApp.com will host your landing page and keep it up and running.

You don't have to be a web developer. You modify a XML like text document and don't have to know HTML/CSS/JavaScript to do it.

You don't have to be a database engineer. Our application builder will generate all needed source code including tracking and performance graph.

This tutorial is a step by step guild showing you how to do it with MyEzApp.com.


You start creating a landing page by choosing the 'Build Apps' icon from your user's home page as shown below:

On the first page of the application builder, please click the 'Create' button besides the 'Landing Page' option to open the landing page wizard.

On the landing page wizard, the steps for creating a landing page is shown on top of the page. Below is the screen shot.

As you can see from above, you need to setup basic application information, select template, modify draft, and then publish to complete the entire process.


You need to provide some basic information when creating a landing page application. The landing page wizard will generate default value for all the fields. So if you are in a time crunch, you can directly click the 'Continue' button. However, we highly recommend modifying the default value to better suit your need.

Application Id

This is a unique id you assign to the application. You can take the default id as pre-filled in the Application Id input field. Or you can change it to another id you prefer. You can not assign the same id for two different applications. Application id also cannot contain special characters such as space ' ' or comma ','. If you use those characters, the system will display an error message.

Display Name

This is the name that will be displayed under the icon in your user's home page. As you can image, this name cannot be too long. It is better to be one or two words that you use to refer to your application.

Source Folder

This is the location of the generated application source code.


The icon that will be displayed in your user's home page to represent the application. It is optional. If you don't upload your own icon, a system default icon will be displayed.


A paragraph that can describe the application. It will be displayed when you mouse over the application icon. It is optional.

Once you setup the basic information, please click the 'Continue' button to go to the next step.


MyEzApp provides multiple landing page templates for you to choose from. Below is a screen shot.


Simple template is a very clean and simple design. It allows you to display multiple pictures in a slide show fashion. It also supports feature highlights section, multiple Call To Action buttons and a signup box. You can customize it easily with your own content.

Simple template comes with two styles, the default style and the dark style.


Elegant template is a clean design that displays an image along with the signup box. Features highlights are displayed horizontally. You can also add multiple custom sections to display custom content.

Elegant template comes with two styles, the default style and the dark style.


Launch template displays a signup box front and center. It is most useful for gathering pre-launch signups for a project or a startup. You can also use it to gauge the interest level of an application idea.

MyEzApp.com is constantly adding new templates. So, if you don't find the exact template you like, please check back later. Also, we encourage you to send us sample pages that you like and we will consider it when we are adding new templates.

Once you select the template, please click the continue button to go to the next step.


Modify draft is the most important step when setting up your landing page. In this step, you can edit your page content, preview draft page, upload images and other resources. Once you are ready, please click the 'Save & Continue' button to go the the next step. You don't have to complete all edits in one shot. You can save draft and continue editing later. Below is the screenshot with the 'Preview' tab selected.


- Open Preview : clicking this button will open up the preview page in a seperate window. - Refresh Preview : clicking this button will refresh the preview tab. - Save Draft : clicking this button will save the draft. - Save & Continue : clicking this button will save the draft and continue to the next step.

Preview Tab

This tab displays the preview of the draft page.

Page Source Tab

The page source is displayed in the 'Page Source' tab. The source code is fairly intuitive. It is very easy to map the page element to the corresponding text on the page. For example, below is the page source for the launch template:

use ../templates/launch <launch   tracking_id="Google Analytics Tracking ID"    title="Page Title Goes Here."    keywords="Keywords Goes Here. This is for search engine optimization."   style="default"   background_image = "/pub/system/script/landtemp/res/background.gif"   >      <subscribe        title="<img src='http://www.myezapp.com/pub/system/script/landtemp/res/yourlogo.png'/>"        sub_title="Catchy Tag Line"        description="The description of your site goes here. Think about how to describe            your project to your friends or potential customers."       instruction="Please add signup instruction here."       action_label="GO"       thankyou = "Thank you for signing up!"        show_name=true/>          <section title="Service coming soon!"/>    </launch>

The first line 'use ../templates/launch' tells the system to use the launch template for the page.

Following the first line is a hierarchical tags structure that captures the launch page content. - tracking_id : if you are using google analytics for your page, this is the place for the google analytics tracking id. You can delete this attribute if you are not using google analytics - title: title of the page. - keywords: keywords use primarily by SEO. - style: style for this template. changing this will change the CSS (style sheet) for your page. - background-image: background image of the landing page.

The subscribe element captures the content inside the signup box. It is very easy to map the content from the element attribute to the actual page. Just modify and refresh the preview.

Files & Uploads Tab

This tab allows you to manage resources for the landing page.

Once you are done with editing the page source. Please click the 'Save & Continue' button to go to the next step.


The publish tab lists the detailed steps for publishing your page. Below is a screen shot.


The complete page is mainly informational. You have already created the landing page application. The complete page will give you suggestions on the next steps.


When you click the landing page application icon on your user's homepage. You will open the landing page dashboard. The landing page dashboard allows you to monitor your landing page performance. It also provides you shotcut for editing the page and view the published page.


With MyEzApp, you can create landing page easily. Get started now!