- Smart Personal Cloud

Execution Limits


To protect the system from excessive usage, a set of threshold will be enforced. If any script run exceeded the execution limit, you will get an 'exceed execution limit' message.


Execution limits per script run:

  • Execution: 100000 statements
  • Memory Buffer: 500k
  • DB Read: 1000 records
  • DB Write: 100 records
  • File Read: 500 files
  • File Write: 100 files
  • Email: 10 email
  • Phone Call: 20 calls
  • Text Message: 20 text messages

Execution limits per user:

  • Max Number of Tables: 200
  • Max Number of Columns per Table: 100
  • Max Number of Records per Table: 10000


You should not get the 'exceed exeuction limit' message during normal operations. If you do get the message, please contact us. We will review your use case and provide suggestions.