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Customize Regular Expression Analyzer


The sample Regular Expression Analyzer page contains a lot of introductory text which is not needed once you are familiar with the tool. This tutorial will show you how to customize it and remove those text.


To customize the Regular Expression Analyzer, you need to register for a MyEzApp account first. In order to register, you will need a valid email address. Please follow the instructions on the registration page for details.


Once you have a MyEzApp account, you can install the Regular Expression Analyzer source code in your account. To install the source code, please go to the marketplace and click the install button.

Once you installed the application, the regular expression analyzer icon will show up in your account. Click the icon will show the regular expression analyzer page.

Locate the Source Code

If you look at your browser's address bar when running the regular expression analyzer, the URL should look like:

http://s.myezapp.com/{your user id}/dev/regexp/show.ws

It tells you that the regular expression analyzer source code is located in your account at the path

Open Up Source Code Editor

There are two ways you can open up the source code editor. The first and the simplest is to append the '?edit' parameter to the URL, like:

http://s.myezapp.com/{your user id}/dev/regexp/show.ws?edit

You should see the source code editor page similar to the below screenshot:

At first, the output window will be blank. When you click the 'run' button, the regular expression analyzer page will be rendered in the output window.

Another way to edit the source code is to use the resource explorer. Please click the 'Files' icon in your user's home page, as highlighted in the below screenshot:

Once you are on the resource explorer page, you can drill down to the file


Below is the screenshot of the resource explorer page.


To create the simplest regular expression analyzer page, please replace the content of the 'show.ws' script with the below text:

use /comp/ezpage use analyzer <ezpage>   <analyzer/> </ezpage>

And click the 'save' button and the 'run' button, you will see the very simple regular expression analyzer page showing in the output window:


To run the updated regular expression analyzer, you simply click the icon on your user's homepage. Or enter the below URL into your browser's address bar:

http://s.myezapp.com/{your user id}/dev/regexp/show.ws

Now you have the regular expression analyzer without any introductory text! It is simple and fun!


You can share the updated regular expression analyzer with your friends easily. Please go back to the resource explorer page. and click the folder /dev/regexp/. You will see the 'Share' button showing in the main window. Click on it and select the user you want to share with. The user 'public' means you want to make the folder publicly viewable to anybody. Any other users you setup in your contact list will also be displayed in the drop down for you to select.

Now send the link http://s.myezapp.com/{your user id}/dev/regexp/show.ws to your friends and show them what you have done with the Regular Expression Analyzer!


With MyEzApp.com, it is easy to create, customize and share dynamic web applications.

Thanks for reading this tutorial and have fun!