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To register for an MyEzApp account: - Click on the Sign up link from the homepage of the MyEZApp.com website. This will open the registration form. - In order for you to register, you must specify the following: - User ID : a unique user ID within MyEzApp.com. The system will check if the name is available and notify you accordingly. - Email : your email address. This must be a valid and unique email address. One email can register a single MyEzApp account. You cannot use one email to register multiple accounts. - Password : your chosen password. - Re-Enter Password : your chosen password again. - Click the Sign Up Button


After registering for your myezapp account, you must activate your account before using the service.

myezapp.com will send an email to the address you specified during registration. Inside the email, you will find the activation link. Click on the link to activate your account.


Once you have activated your account, you will receive 10,000 usage points as a sign-up bonus. You can use these points right away to purchase applications or build your own.